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AGC at Hood Park Presents : The Art of Stephen Beccia

AGC at Hood Park Presents : The Art of Stephen Beccia


Hood Park hosts a rotating gallery produced by The Artists Group of Charlestown, located in the North Atrium of 500 Rutherford Avenue at Hood Park. Spotlighting a single artist at a time, the gallery displays 8-10 pieces of various mediums, from photography to oil paintings. Artists’ pieces are showcased for four months at the Hood Park AGC Gallery, a reception is held at the beginning of each new residency, the public is welcome and encouraged to join.

Stephen Beccia – on showcase January 1 – April 15, 2024

Stephen Beccia is a self-taught contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Hudson Massachusetts. While pursuing a career as a musician from the age of 10, he explored and practiced his lifelong interest in drawing and painting.

On paper he has also been a storyteller, publishing several YA novels. It wasn’t until 2017, during a time of self-reflection, when he turned his focus fulltime by telling stories visually on canvas and paper. Expressive lines, bold colors and geometric patterns are a constant theme in his work.

Inspired by Picasso’s talents and drive to create something new, Stephen constantly explores and experiments new styles and techniques to hopefully discover a world of design and color that does not yet exist. From other-worldly abstracts, to whimsical portraits, his unique style draws the viewer in for a closer look.

Stephen has a strong online presence and has displayed and sold his art in several New England galleries, businesses and exhibits, including his very first pop-up gallery showing in 2018, displaying over 100 pieces of work.

About the Artists Group of Charlestown – The Artists Group of Charlestown’s mission is to showcase artists’ work and to promote high quality cultural programming for the local community. The AGC sponsors seasonal gallery exhibits at the StoveFactory Gallery, Art in the Park at City Square Park, and Open Studios in the StoveFactory Studios; as well as a hosted rotating gallery wall located in Charlestown’s Hood Park at 500 Rutherford Avenue.  AGC Artist Memberships are open to all artists of various disciplines, these Artist Members help fulfill our mission to showcase artists’ works and promote high-quality cultural programming for the community.